What Jennifer Taught Me


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Based on Actual Events



released March 1, 2013

Music by Chino Moss, HaZ Solo, Sir Froderick, Broken Social Scene, The ARE and Chuck Neal



all rights reserved


YOUNG B EMCEE Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Foreword
Dinner plate laced around the world
Ethiopian injera Japanese hibachi grill
Thought that you were just another girl
And you figured I was just another guy
Wonder why
At first you came off shy
Didn’t wanna look me in the eyes
I was waiting on that uptown 5
You asked me what it do
I said I’m late
To go home and bone you
Started laughing when you acted like you got offended
Still you came along in the direction I was headed
Good lord don’t let it
Become what I can’t handle
And burn out like the light of a candle
Now you’re slipping into sandals as you’re stepping out of work to this
Ready to come see me and twerk to this
Oh for certain sis
You gon’ get what you deserving miss
Just don’t deserve my bliss
Track Name: Pump Luv
Something ‘bout a big butt and a smile
Can’t change the way a brotha come up as a child
Cuz now wow you’re eastbound down and out of it
I guess you didn’t really know the shorty like you thought you did
Now why you coming out your pockets kid
She got you paying everything
Full ride scholarship
Run it deeper than the drama gets
I ain’t spend a nickel on sweetie and she still got her bottom split
Stiff arm the cock-blocker
Told me I remind her of her poppa
I said shorty you gots to stop it
Cuz you’re nothing like mama
Now let me get behind ya
So I can dial in
I like her cuz she doesn’t mention me around her friends
And we get it in every now and then
on a night when I’m coming off a flight
and I just like to spend a little time

Seductive conversation it’s you and I under low lights
Candle glow flicker ‘pon your skin tone so bright
Sparkle in your eye like a strobe light
I can feel the rhythm ‘tween us knowing it’s gon’ go right
It’s yo’ night
Trust me when we finish with this you gon’ love me
Infinitely pure at heart though it’s coming off like pimpery
Putting this here on the line that as of late I’m lusting
Undressing you with my eyes there ain’t no need to rush in
Follow suit your flesh is hot to the touch
High off the dialogue before the passion erupts
Now your fingertips are touching my cheek
As I slowly start to unravel that hidden freak
Sista plz
Act like you ain’t think about it when I saw you
And you had dropped the digits for me to call you
Low key I adore you
All that I can do for you I will
But for now just chill feel this ill thrill
Track Name: Luv Razors
The first cut runs deep
Candlelight vigil on the bed where you sleep
Now she wanna come and give me what I need
On a nightly basis
I go hard in all the right places
She's calling me to run the bases
Saying what I need just to get her butt [naked]
Crooked looks and screw faces
Honeys on the hop just to undo laces
Without yapping a jaw
I got your girl on my jack like the back of a horse
And she’s eager for the slice of my carrot
On my heels like spurs and stirrups
Giddie up
Tell me did we did it enough
Your provocateur drawers on the floor
Pick em up
I got her tryna crack the code
Leave a message for me mama I’ll get back to you fa sho
She’s turned on turned up about to get turned out
She gets what she asks for and then we show ‘em out

Love is like a razor

And you can let the blood drip
I lick no wounds I had enough of your dumb isht
I suggest you come get your things
Next thing I know she’s bouncing off the bedsprings
The routine gets typical kid
I’m due to find me a spiritual sis
It makes sense
But be careful what you wish for
An angel with a halo and a pitchfork
Tell me what you’re here for
Stop no I don’t wanna hear more
It’s time I depart like flights at the airport
So therefore that’ll be all
I hope a good time was had by all
Love razors
Track Name: A Different Version of You
Excuse me daughter of a king
But do I overstep a bound with the song I bring
I got a thought I need to feed you
You see through cats that’s flabbergasted with
Titty and ass whipped dreams gotta question ask it
I’m asking mine
As sure as you’re looking sweeter
Than a piece of honey and banana pie
Them eyes don’t lie
They tend to tell the truth often
Mine are telling yours about them thighs I’d get lost in
Walking with you
While you’re posted with my friends
We’re not talking
Yet connect eyes like ancient Abyssinians
Then you’re full face grin
You’re body frame fill up with a humble presence
Sista black mother nature essence
The world’s weight upon your backside
Come into my vibe relax reside high within my heavens
No stressing it’s a blessing
For us to reason
And harvest the crops from the past season
Steadily taking the steps as I’m supposed
To have you moving to my vibe like Iranian cobras
Could I swoop you away for a day
Build upon the hills where the breeze makes the grass blades sway
And then return you
Freeing every burden from you
I traveled the world only to find a different version of you
Respect due
Postpone bone
We’d step to he gates and not a soul would be home
So first drop a digit
This thing won’t fall
Later on I’ll call your number like a bingo hall
If things go wrong
It ain’t your fault it ain’t me
We seal it up for a different time
Track Name: Things You Say
Trippin’ off the things you say
Visions of a crystal day
I wonder what brings you this way
What brings you this way?

When we met you said it was refreshing
Two weeks later we were cooking breakfast
So what is this connection?
Is it for the flesh?
And are we tryna turn something from nothing
No fronting cuz yo
You’d be surprised to find if I was with some other doing something
You don’t need to know so don’t ask
I feel something strong coming fast
It makes me wanna slow the speed ‘fore we crash
Cuz what if what we’re building starts to collapse?
Do we know each other well enough to better the bruises?
When lovers lose
Laughs turn to feuds
Maybe we done made the wrong moves

Trippin’ off the things you say
Visions of a crystal day
I wonder what brings you this way
What brings you this way?

When we ain’t been within each others vision for a minute
You say we set something official from the beginning
Yet it infringed into benefits of friendship
It was chill ‘til you seen how real it can get
Yeah I split tryna seek another
But you best believe a brotha kept it open
Track Name: Monday Morning
Smooth as a Gucci shoe
We roll like doobies do
One night with her and she offered the cooch
Dude we cool we don’t play games
The mental is fool proof
Texts from your ex read “B come do me soon”
Later love I’m on that first class flight to the moon
Beats on boom imagination on full bloom
Feet up seat back
Thinking of infinite stacks in each pocket
I dream it then I get it gotta love it

You gotta love it when you’re lonely on weekends and I fall through
Never doubt my loving even if I don’t call you
I adore you
And if I had the doe I’d doll you
But you stand by cuz them other dudes bore you
I ride by on quest to catch cabbage
You got class but still act ratchet
On occasion I tap it
One bar will have you do back flips
She’s belly down on my mattress

Life’s a long story to tell
I got tricks up the sleeve of my double RL
was an off time jive each time I arrived
But we were one heart when it came time for me to depart
Candle lights after long flights
I’m a good fit but the wrong type
Sweetie I’m a long shot
And let it come to no surprise to us
I rhyme good but my timing sucks
Track Name: It All Depends
It goes and it’s gone
You want something new but get the same old song
So love it how you live it
Live it how you love it
But soon enough it’ll be done with
Trust it
It begins and it ends
Started off lovers but weren’t even friends
So I guess it all depends

Had my first G at age fifteen
Felt to myself that life was but a dream
But it ain’t though
Peep the picture that I paint bro
She stays around with me even when the banks low
You look around and you’re love will have you feeling hopeless man
And that’s why I wrote this fam

That was a wild day
You scooped me from the stu and let me woo and your gals place
I’m thinking to myself this is child’s play
Things are moving at a real wild pace
And I’m just tryna keep up in the best way
High speed loving in the left lane
With Miss Lady Luck
Always down to [f!ck]
We be hopping on flights out of town and such
From an LA dinner to a Brooklyn brunch
Spend a whole Saturday at a matinee
I was your Donny Hathaway
And you were my Minnie Rip
Yet I just can’t commit

It goes ‘til it’s gone
You want something new
But get the same old song
So live it how you love it
Love it how you live it
Cuz soon enough it’ll be finished

It begins and it ends
Started off lovers
Weren’t even friends
So I guess it all depends